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Search-Based Exploration of Expression Compendium [Human]
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What is SEEK?

SEEK is a computational gene co-expression search engine. SEEK provides biologists with a way to navigate the massive human expression compendium that now contains thousands of expression datasets. SEEK returns a robust ranking of co-expressed genes in the biological area of interest defined by the user's query genes. In the meantime, it also prioritizes thousands of expression datasets according to the user's query of interest. The unique strengths of SEEK include its support for multi-gene query and cross-platform analysis, as well as its rich visualization features.
SEEK's compendium

21700 genes in human
4929 mRNA microarray datasets
281 RNASeq datasets
48 platforms
What is a query?

A query is a gene or a gene-set representing a biological theme that a user wants to investigate. Examples of a good query include genes from a common transcriptionally regulated pathway or process, a cellular component, a molecular complex, or a differentially expressed gene list or biomarker list.

How to begin?

Start by entering a query, like GLI1 GLI2 PTCH1, into the search box. SEEK will identify co-expressions related to this set of genes. Next, click Search.
Help and Download

What's New

4/17/15 - SEEK website is now accessible on mobile devices
2/6/15 - Added a tutorial on downloading and installing SEEK
1/28/15 - Added an interpretation guide for your search result
1/28/15 - Query expression view now supports clustering of query genes
1/17/15 - Expanded the documentations
Created by the at Princeton University, 2014
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